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Christmas Cupcakes

So I’m a little late but I was busy this past christmas making cupcakes, and lots of them!  My family always has a Christmas party and ever since Thanksgiving I was dying for the holidays.  Here are the cupcakes that I created this year:

I spent a while searching for the cutest/easiest cupcakes I could make, and this is what I came up with…
These reindeer were the biggest pain in the butt cupcakes I have ever experienced.  They look cuter in a group than they do by themselves.  The materials I used:
– Mini vanilla wafers
-Red and brown m&ms
-Mini Marshmellows
A word of warning: The pretzels are extremely hard to break in the way you want them to.  It is worth doing once, but I will probably recreate different cupcakes next year.
Christmas LightBulbs
It is hard to tell what these are at first, but they are Christmas Lightbulbs.  These were probably the easiest, but turned out only alright compared to the others.  My materials:
-Off Brand Jelly Beans
-Green Icing
Super easy, but not super impressive either.
Melting Snowmen
These snowmen ended up being my favorite holiday cupcakes to make.  It was probably the individual faces that made it more fun.  The only down side was the guilt that came with eating something with a face.  The materials I used:
-Black icing
-Food Coloring (to make orange icing)
-Large marshmallows (I smashed them first too look like they were melting)
I got the idea from cookies decorated like this, but I personally prefer cupcakes to sugar cookies.  They were pretty easy and a ton of fun!
Christmas Wreaths
These were not my favorite either, but my mom really liked them so I guess it depends on your preference.  Materials used:
-Green Icing
-Red Hots
Basic, festive, yummy, and meets all the requirements for a yummy Christmas dessert.
That concludes my holiday baking!
These were the websites I used to make them:
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Nail and String Wall Art

This picture has been floating around Pinterest for a while now…

Apparently this used to be huge in the 60s and 70s with circular patterns instead of words.  It reminds me an old art kit I had where you used colored pencils and plastic circles with teeth to make circular designs.  I may have to dig it up now to try and be less vague…

Anyways, I thought it would make a good Christmas gift for my boyfriend, so my  girl friend and I decided to team up and make some wall art!  The project costed around $10, but don’t be fooled–the labor was horrendous.  It is certainly worth doing once, but never ever again.  Talk about opportunity cost of labor.  These are what we had to show for a 2-3 hour project:

We used very few materials:

– 1.5′ x 3′ Plywood.  It was about 1-1.5 inches thick.  We found it in the small scrap pile and had home depot cut it in half and we spent a collective $4 on it.

– Box of  7/8” nails.  I used around 250 in my project, and the box had 500 in it.

-4 individual packs of string (maybe 8 yds a pack?)

-White spray paint

Once we collected material, we used Microsoft Word’s Word art to print out our letters.  Mine was font size 900, and hers was 600.

Once we placed the paper letters down, we used pencil to mark the places we wanted to nail.

Then we started nailing!

Time to string on the thread!  Try not to retrace paths and take a step back to make sure it is even.

Huzzah!  We finished!

You can find the original tutorial here:

Just be prepared for tired wrists.  250 nails is a lot to hammer.

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Hello, and welcome to the birth of As Seen On Pinterest!  I’m hoping to get started soon, and play a little catch up with all the projects I have attempted before having As Seen On Pinterest.  This winter break was approximately 5 weeks long, which gave me plenty of time to rest and find things to keep me busy.  That means many treats and crafts, so get ready!

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